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First Aid Training

Providing first aid training to the people of our nation is the main mission of Grannus. Each person must have to be train for first aid skills to handle day to day accidental emergency to prevent the situation to worse.


First Aid Kit

Many times we face day to day emergency medical conditions/accidental injuries at Home, Workplaces and on road where we need to give the basic first aid treatments to injured person. Our GMKIT range for the different types purpose will works here.


First Aid Devices

Modern technology made first aid devices really helpful to save the lives in critical cardiac and respiratory emergencies.

Why to choose Our services and Our Products?

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  1. First aid Training will be provided by our highly qualified experienced professionals.
  2. Trainers using a mix of practical skill using artificial human models and interactive discussion
  3. Our First aid products are manufactured at approved facilities
  4. Our GMKIT range of first aid kits are designed by team of medical doctors and professional pharmacists
  5. GMKITs are at very affordable prize ranges
  6. We are able to design customized first aid kits as per your factory/workplace type
  7. We assure you world class services
  8.  We are certified by ISO 9001:2008


Modern First Aid Book

GMKIT_BOOKGrannus Modern First Aid: basic Methods, a book on first aid skills has been published by Grannus to give the knowledge of these essential skill to people in simple language. This book is written in Hindi and Guajarati and will be available in other 5 languages in shortly.

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