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First aid Tutorials

There are certain first aid tutorial has been written and published by Grannus first aid. These include first aid book as well as posters on wound management, Snake bite management, CPR etc. Books are available in Hindi and Gujarati language while posters are available in English, Hindi and Gujarati language and will also be available in five other regional languages shortly.

A Book

Grannus Modern First Aid: Basic Methods

A Book on modern methods of basic first aid treatment that to be given to injured or ill person

About the book

This book has been written by Grannus first aid to give knowledge of basic first aid to the people of our nation. The first addition of this book is published 1st Feb -2015. What to do and what should not to do in day to day medical emergency in Home is explained in this book in very simple language. This book is available in Hindi and Gujarati language and soon it will be launched in Marathi, Telugu and Tamil languages.

The reason behind writing this book



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