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Research and Development

Grannus first aid solution is one of the few Indian companies that are constantly doing extensive research on first aid. Our team consist of highly experienced medical doctors and formulation scientists. Grannus is developing new methods for first aid treatment that includes ready to use antiseptic dressings, improvised dressings, novel resuscitation methods, etc

Our research area also includes research on how and to what extent the first aid methods are practising in India and particularly in remote areas where knowledge is limited. We are working to study the drawbacks and alternatives of some of the first aid methods that are currently practising.

Medical doctors and scientists at Grannus are doing research on the various methods of first aid that are currently practising all over the world, like snake venom suction pump, tourniquet in critical situations, etc. What are the drawbacks of some of the first aid methods like use of snake bite lancet, tourniquet, non-sterilized direct dressings is one of the research topics of the Grannus first aid solutions.

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